6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Rich SMS

February 5, 2018 Carol Forden

By 2020, over 48.7 million consumers will have opted-in to receive SMS text messages from businesses?

The power of SMS messaging is increasing daily and make SMS one of the fastest growing marketing channels.

In a competitor heavy industry, how can you possibly differentiate yourself? Simply through implementing Rich SMS into your mobile marketing strategy.

What is Rich SMS exactly?

Rich SMS, also known as Rich Media Text or Rich Media Messaging, is merely an SMS with rich multimedia content.

It takes SMS Marketing (text messaging) to the next level, utilizing visual content accessible from your SMS (text) inbox through a shortened unique URL in the SMS message.

The recipient will find all the content you want to include: video, discounts, coupons, surveys, images, videos, animations, games as well as a large number of call to actions (CTAs) for example, click-to-call, drive-to-store, link to download an app, click to download a coupon or special offer, click-to-e-store… all of these entirely personalized for every customer.

Rich SMS vs textRich SMS gives the users the possibility to interact with the text messages. Hence, providing an outstanding user experience and in turn, improving and enhancing the efficiency of mobile campaigns

Rich SMS Marketing takes marketing to a new level with content that you choose from surveys, gamification, discounts and plenty of call to actions such as drive-to-store, links to download your app, click-to-call … all that is personalized to each customer.

Rich SMS ultimately gives consumers the ability to interact with their SMS messages, allowing an improved and interactive user experience.

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Why should you start using Rich SMS?

Rich SMS comes with the added benefits that a standard SMS text message does not have. Below are a few vital statistics demonstrating why you should be adding Rich SMS into your mobile marketing strategy.

1. An open rate of 98%

SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate, with 90% being read within 3 minutes of receipt. This is higher than both email marketing and social media combined.

According to both Buffer and Marketing Land, do to the funnel and pace, you can only expect that about 2-3% of your audience will see your post on Twitter. With the recent and ongoing algorithm changes on Facebook, there has been a huge decline in organic reach has been seen. Research from Social@Ogilvy suggests that for large pages organic reach is as low as 2%.

On the upside, the stats for email marketing are looking more positive with an average email open rate of 24.79% across industries.

An image showing the open rate of SMS vs email - Stats to Make you Consider Rich SMS

2. 60% of 18-34 year-olds want to receive SMS from businesses

A survey of  500 Millennials conducted by OpenMarket found that 60% want to be able to text their favorite brands; presently they are receiving less than five messages a week from a brand.

Despite the fact that there have been numerous conversations on SMS text messages being too intrusive, millennials prefer this form of contact with a brand.

Rich SMS is a personalized customer experience allowing for content that is tailored to the interests of the consumer, removing the probability of being considered intrusive.

3. SMS is the number 1 preferred channel for notifications from businesses

While brands still consider email campaigns the preferred method to contact customers, largely due to the low cost of implementation, SMS is still considered the number one preference in receiving notifications from a dealership and other businesses.

Second is email and close behind followed by a voice mail message or call.

Consumers prefer snail mail over social media for contact from a brand.  Although, when social media is engaging, these number change.

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An image showing the preferred channels for business notifications - SMS, email and voice

4. 62% of customers prefer to receive reminders by text

According to OpenMarket, there is a higher preference to receive texts from businesses for appointment reminders (62%), delivery notifications (59%) and payment reminders (48%).  The ability to use SMS text message extends beyond promotional messages; all these features can be included by Rich SMS.

An image showing the types of text messages that millenials prefer to receive from companies

5. 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon

Studies show that 39% of customers spend more if they receive a personalized mobile coupon?

Customers today don’t want to feel like just another number on your marketing or email list. They want to feel important, they want the experience and to feel unique and involved.

As a result, providing a personalized customer experience has become the ultimate goal for every marketer.

However, it’s only ambition for most.

Reportedly 89% of brands struggle to deliver personalized digital customer experiences. As a result, the gap is considerable between what customers want and what brands offer.

Rich SMS helps deliver personalized experiences based on the users’ interests and preferences.

Imagine that instead of sending and receiving an email blast about all offers on a website, you only get the promotions on your car or car service or say shoes as this is what you’re looking to buy. Rich SMS makes it possible.

The ability to provide personalized customer experiences has become the #1 goal for many businesses.

Rich SMS can help you deliver personalized customer experience based on your users’ interests and preferences. Customers receive brand messages that are meaningful to them, and are more engaged and connected the brand. An engaged customer is a customer that spends more.

6. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

In a competitive world, you want every advantage that you can garner.  Studies show that images have a greater impact than just text alone.  The brain processes images instantly, whereas the brain works to process text.

This is where Rich SMS becomes a driving force.

With Rich SMS is that you can send any content you choose through rich media messages. If you want to send your latest promotions, coupon or offers, invite customers to a private event.  Or remind your customers of an upcoming appointment or that you exist by entertaining them with a simple, but fun memory game, you can be confident that you are delivering the highest possible customer experience to your patrons.

How can Outsell Digital move you into the age of digital marketing?

We design, prepare, distribute and analyze Rich SMS (mobile messaging) campaigns for you and help you achieve two outcomes: enrich the user experience with engaging content and effective call-to-action to increase sales; track your customers’ behavior to influence the success of future campaigns and influence other marketing channels.

Find out more about how Outsell Digital can help you setting up a Rich SMS program, contact us here.