9 Ways to Improve Your Auto Dealer e-Newsletter

February 26, 2019
February 26, 2019 Carol Forden

You’ve been burned by Facebook and started collecting customer and prospective customers email address to build out an email campaign and own your platform.

You now have an extensive email list and pretty layout for an e-newsletter.

That alone does not make your e-mail newsletter a winner.

Customers scramble to the “Unsubscribe” button when content is irrelevant, uninformative and poorly written or all about you.

Content needs to respect the reader’s time, and intelligence is vital and brings value to them.

Ask yourself honestly if you or your friends or family would take the time to read what you are sending.  If the answer is, ‘Not really,’ then it’s time to rethink your content and e-mail campaign approach.

Use these 9 steps to increase open rates and minimize unsubscribes for auto dealers and repair shops:

1. Include relevant content. Do you have informative and educational articles about brakes, batteries, and tires?

Showcase your expertise on each subject and invite readers to take advantage of your services.

Include information that helps them care for and maintain the value of their vehicle.

Introduce them to news about new products and services, but do it in an interesting way that holds their attention, not as a sales pitch.

That means making it relevant.

Telling someone they need to rotate tires can cause them to hit the snore button.

Telling them that they will cut the life of their tires in half and pay an extra $1,000 for a new set of treads grabs their attention.

Educating them on the various tread designs and the impact on wet driving conditions grabs attention.

2. Link articles to offers

Combine a story about the symptoms of a dying battery with a coupon for a battery check, or signs of air conditioning that may have a leak or need a recharge.

3. Encourage customers to look at their trade-in value. Perhaps a reader is looking for a new vehicle but isn’t sure about what their current auto is valued at today.

Provide a link for them to gauge the value of their current car and look at your inventory.

Survey and talk to your customer support, service and sales teams to learn the behavior of your customers–what topics they are interested in–and tailor deals they’re likely to have an interest in and purchase.

4. Teach readers about vehicle services. Use the newsletter as a forum to educate readers about the importance of a maintenance service such as a 100,000-mile checkup or rotating their tires or scheduled maintenance.

Readers don’t like when they are being sold something. Instead, they’ll appreciate you taking an active role in their vehicle’s routine maintenance and helping them to maximize the trade-in value.

5. Include information and links to new vehicles. Even people who aren’t in the market for a new vehicle like to play “what if?”

Include a link about what’s currently on your lot. If a customer is looking around on your website at your inventory, this means they are staying there longer, and you have sparked an interest that can be cultivated into an eventual sale.

6. Write about teen driving safety. Chances are your clients have children, nieces or nephews who are old enough to drive.

Routinely including articles with safety tips gives clients ideas on protecting their loved ones.

Safety is the No. 1 concern for parents everywhere, and women are the leading decision makers when it comes to getting vehicles serviced, help them, and they will reward you.

7. Use videos whenever possible. Who doesn’t love watching a sports car power slide through a puddle, a high-octane drag race or a walkthrough of a high-end luxury car?

Include videos on your newsletter and get a jump in click-through rates.

Videos should be a routine part of your offerings and readers will come to expect (and look forward) to your content every month.  They give an instant dopamine rush, which gives them a reason to look forward to your next e-newsletter.

8. Embed scheduling links into articles and online coupons.

Make it easy for customers to click for service. It’s a simple way to increase online appointments, and customers love the convenience of scheduling from their smartphone or laptop computer.

Educating your customers with relevant content about your services and product offering and they will reward you with their business.

9. Offer 1 coupon per e-newsletter

How to build a newsletter that turns readers into buyersThe purpose of the e-newsletter is to build a relationship and build trust, which returns in the form of a sales or revenue.

Turning your e-newsletter into a sales pitch to sell cars or services with no educational value, is the quick way to ensure the email list you have cultivated has a high unsubscribe rate.

If you follow the steps outlined above, in no time you will build a newsletter that turns readers into buyers.

If you want assistance with conversion rate optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing or social media, please contact us, we are happy to help.