Content Strategy

Our content strategy services are the proven solution for laying the groundwork for your best success in content creation. We invest in some of the top tools on the market (BuzzSumo, SEMrush, to name a few).

Not sure where to start, or what to do with your content? Our in-depth Strategy call with reports, topic planning, or keyword research might just be the answer. Learn more about each of these services below.

Keyword Research & Reports for Blog or Web

Keywords are the cornerstone of effective content that builds your online presence and ROI. Your content, written around your products or services, should be optimized with keywords that have a high possibility of ranking, for an organic presence in Google.

We are Trained Content Strategists who utilize some of the best tools on the web, including SEMRush, a top SEO software, and analytic tool; KWFinder, and BuzzSumo, an insights provider into the most popular content online.

We also know that good content doesn’t just rely on tools, so we will use our expertise to pick the right keywords, sort by most important, and even create fully optimized headlines and topics around your keywords. Get accurately predicted keyword research that will give you a viable chance of ranking for your target market, perfect for accompanying any content order. Let us know in the input form if you want us to search a specific region, or worldwide.


PDF overview guide that explains the metrics, keyword scores, and software we use (SEMrush and KWFinder)
Keyword research report, with 1 tab featuring a high-ROI shortlist (10 keywords for website, 15 keywords for blogs) and another tab of full keyword opportunities (up to 200).
Lastly, we’ll include a BuzzSumo Content Analysis report that shows you what type of content is currently trending online for your primary keyword.

Content Strategy Call with Discovery Report

Need an advanced look at your website and online presence, complete with keyword and discovery reports? Not sure what type of content you should be creating, or what your current website or blog lacks? Don’t miss out on this high-value investment! Plan for success with a content strategy consultation session, and achieve higher ROI with guided consulting and content suggestions in a finalized report.


In a 45-minute session we will talk with you live about your needs, and deliver two reports within 3-5 days after the call:
A full Discovery report where we “discover” your sweet spot in content (a balance between customer-centric FAQ content and your authority spot as an influencer), and identify what you’re missing (an industry voice, blog schedule, etc)
A Mini Keyword/Topic report with up to 10 analyzed topics and keywords, where we find topics and keywords based on the call findings for you.

Content Strategy Call with Reports

Need a guided content strategy call, with reports and keyword research afterwards? Get a 45-minute call with our Content Strategist, guiding you on your content strategy. After the call, your Strategist will put together a content discovery report, BuzzSumo topic analysis, and keyword report that will give you a roadmap to start creating high-ROI content.

Keyword Research for Your Blog

Get keyword research for your blog. Our Strategist will formulate a keyword research report from SEMrush, with a list of top 15 keyword choices for your blog, and another tab with an export of keyword opportunities (up to 200). Let us know in the input form if you want us to search a specific region, or worldwide. Lastly, we’ll include a BuzzSumo Content Analysis report that reveals content currently trending online for your primary keyword.