Get 3x the leads per paid dollar with Content Marketing verses paid search tactics

January 17, 2019 Carol Forden

Who doesn’t want to improve their conversion rates?  Did you know that you can get 3x the leads per paid dollar with content marketing verses paid search tactics?

Let’s dig in…

Consistent conversion improvement is a goal that should drive every functional area in all companies.

Your marketing team has tools at their disposal to increase the conversion rate number drastically.

The difficulty comes in how to do this properly with the highest ROI.

While there are many methods marketers may take to improve conversion rates, one of the best is creating compelling and engaging content.

Why is content so important to conversions?

Fortunately, experts in content marketing and conversion rate optimization have compiled data to validate why content is vital to any strategy focused on maximizing conversion rates.

To improve your conversion rates, you have to make the creation of compelling content a priority.

It is non-negotiable for savvy marketers.

Here are 7 ways to improve your conversion rates with compelling content

Increase Your Visibility with Effective SEO Tactics Within Your Content

Content Marketing gets 3x the leads per paid dollar verses paid search tactics

Sometimes, creating content can feel like shouting into the void.

When you are creating it, you never really know if someone will hear you.

Creating content that utilizes SEO tactics erases some of this concern.

Strategically using keywords and keyword strings that are based on searcher intent, link building, page optimization, and the use of carefully crafted meta tags can increase your page rankings and make your content —and therefore your website—visible to your customers and potential customers.

No one can click through from your blog post to your eCommerce store if he or she cannot find your page.

Effective SEO tactics are a significant component of creating compelling content that is seen by your intended audience.

Content distribution and promotion are critical aspects of any content marketing plan.

Tell a Story

People don’t buy from items, ideas, features or principles; they buy from people.

Your customers want to know who you are, and why you do what you do.

One of the best ways to do this is to create content that tells a story.

It should promote your mission and set you apart from the competition.

There are multiple ways you can do this.

You could create video messaging where the CEO is talking directly to customers, share photos of what happens behind-the-scenes in the company, discuss community events employees participate in, and share how your product or service helps customers and solves their problem.

You can create product demo videos and optimize the promotion of your videos on YouTube to ensure your reach your target audience.

Customize your content to your audience, to solve their problem, and tie it back to why you do what you do.

Give your audience a reason to invest in you.

Improve Your Website Copy and Design

Over the past two decades, websites have become the digital business card for your business.

Your digital real estate is one of the most vital components of your content marketing strategy.

It informs individuals of who you are, hosts your eCommerce store and blog (which you should have), and holds all the contact information you choose to share.

Websites are where your conversions will likely happen.

A conversion can be as simple as enrollment in your eNewsletter to a request for a demo to a purchase.

Where the customer is in the sales funnel is how your content should be designed and targeted.

You need to ensure your website copy is compelling, the user experience is smooth and fluid, and that there are not any technical hiccups that prevent customers from moving through your site.

Your website also needs to be optimized for mobile devices.

There is no better way to destroy your conversion rate than to have a website that is filled with boring copy and technical glitches and bad user experience (UX).

The Power of Email Marketing

Content Marketing gets 3x the leads per paid dollar verses paid search tactics

Even with the constant of social media, email marketing is still king when it comes to reaching customers.

A solid email marketing campaign is necessary when it comes to improving conversion rates.

Emails allow you to put your best content in front of your target audience.

With email, you can direct customers to blogs, an eCommerce site, social media accounts, and your website homepage.

Emails also enable you to create content within the email itself through newsletters and the promotion of incentives and discounts.

It can funnel your constituents to your website to encourage lead generation and ultimately guide them to converting.

Email should be a component of any well-thought-out conversion rate strategy.

Ensure Your CTA Button Stands Out

While this is less of a content issue, and more of a user experience issue, Call-To-Action or CTA buttons should be strategically placed among your content.

Things to consider with CTA Buttons

How visible is it?

Are you using the right color and wording for it?

Is it working properly?

Having a well-designed CTA button can be the difference between seeing your conversion rates flounder or witnessing improvement.

The text on the button needs to answer, “why users should click,” and the color needs to attract their eye even when they are faced with paragraphs of text.

CTAs are a critical tool when it comes to improving conversion rates as they are meant to lead customers right to a converting action.

Content Marketing gets 3x the leads per paid dollar verses paid search tactics

Mention Your Important Information First

Do not wait to reveal the most crucial information further down the homepage or deeper into the website.

The first thing your content should do is inform the customer of why they should keep reading.

What are the immediate benefits of your goods and services?

How well can your solution solve their problem?

How does your product or service solve their problem?

Does your content make customers feel like you empathize and understand what they need?

All of these questions should be addressed as soon as possible.

If your customers do not have to go through the weeds of your content to find the solutions they seek, then you are more likely to improve conversion rates.

Make the research process for customers easy and painless by quickly giving them the content they need early in the content.

Create Excellent Headlines

Today’s customer has a short attention span and a host of responsibilities. You do not have very long to get their attention. This reason is why having the best headline possible is so important. Headlines should be attention-grabbing, honest, and informative.

Content Marketing gets 3x the leads per paid dollar verses paid search tacticsCustomers should have a good idea for what they are getting into when they read your headline.

While there are many tactics you can take with headlines, here are a few that are proven to work through testing:

  • Odd numbers in list post have a conversion rate 20 percent higher than even-number lists.
  • Headlines with eight words performed the best in click-through rates.
  • Words like “you,” “because,” “free,” “new,” and “instantly,” help drive conversions.

The headline is likely going to be the first thing customers see when they come into contact with your content, and it needs to be something that intrigues and attracts them.

The material cannot convert if it does not first spark enough interests for customers to click on it to see what you have to say.

There are free applications that allow you to check the attractiveness of your headlines.

So, make sure your title and headline are SEO friendly and engaging enough to pull your customers to your content.

Wrapping it up

Improving your conversion rates requires a comprehensive content marketing strategy that complements lead generation efforts.

Content types like blogging, social media, email drip campaigns, eNewsletters, case studies, and video messaging allow your brand to have a conversation with your customers.

You have the opportunity to tell them who you are, why you should exist, and why they should invest in what you do.

If you can tell your brand’s story creatively, it is more likely customers will see your content as compelling.

Customers want to know the people behind the brand, and engaging content can do this while improving conversion rates.

If you want assistance with conversion rate optimization, content marketing, inbound marketing or social media, please contact us, we are happy to help.