How To Grow Leads Effortlessly

February 25, 2019
February 25, 2019 Carol Forden

Want to grow leads effortlessly? After all, businesses worry their messages are getting lost in a cloud of digital white noise.

That’s especially true for email campaigns.

CRM and DMS systems churn out thousands of automated email messages.

Internet sales departments flood customer inboxes with offers.

Direct mail companies send PDF versions of mailer campaigns.

Pity the bewildered customer.

Faced with an avalanche of email campaigns, customers simply clicked the “unsubscribe” link or “spam” button.

Enter the simple but reliable e-newsletter.

Nothing engages your customers as much as quality news in a professional-looking package.

Email newsletters consistently rank at the top for email response.

Your content acts as a string reader can pull to reveal more information and interact with your website.

Digital newsletter customers usually spend three minutes per or more–an eternity in advertising.

Relevant content appeals to your customers because they are invested in your brand.

Yet, most email campaigns are filled with offers and “deals.”

Instead, engage your customers about features and news.

Include information about new models, maintenance, community events, product care, and employee features.

Business and brand-specific content that gives your prospective and current customers a reason to consider your offerings.

It paves the road to your business when they are in the market to buy.

Here are five suggestions for your email newsletter:

  1. Manage frequency. Sending several sales offers per month increases opt-out rates. Once or twice a month is enough.

  2. Include new offers between articles, news, and other features. This is an effective way to use your email newsletter as a soft-sell vehicle to offers. Your business will be able to track interest in these links and generate new leads automatically–at a fraction of the cost of purchasing leads.

  3. Provide relevant content about your brand and product-related subject matter. Supplement brand and product-related content with lifestyle content of interest to your customers–seasonal activities, events or destinations.

    For the service department include tips on ways customers can keep their vehicle looking great and running in top condition.

  4. Embed videos about products or your business into your newsletter and your website. Not only do they get high open rates, but videos also fully engage your customers’ attention. Do you have videos about your service department? Post all of these videos on your website and pair it with an article.

  5. Automatically identify nonperforming emails. Routinely cleaning your email list will provide a more accurate assessment of open rates and overall performance.

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