Long Live Marketing By Beating The Consumer To Death

November 18, 2018 Carol Forden

Long Live Marketing

Why you have to blow peoples’ minds, not blow up their bank accounts

I personally don’t like what people think marketing is. And I don’t like what many marketers believe it is.

Or what many businesses think it is, either.

I talk about this a lot. Too much, probably. And it always gets a fantastic response — from consumers.  Yes, your customers.

But so many businesses don’t know the reasoning behind the explosive backlash against their marketing efforts.

They know that they need to “change it up.”  Yet don’t.

And they’re losing traction at the speed of Memes.

Long live marketing meme

The ship is sinking, but they don’t get why. So they hire people and agencies who know why and can fix it.

The reason they hire (fantastic, gregarious) people to rework their brand image and create painstakingly comprehensive content marketing strategies is this why.

The reason why Influencer Marketing works and will continue to work —  it’s this often not understood why.

70% of purchases by millennials are by non-celebrity bloggers often with fewer than 10,000 followers. You know you want to cash in those numbers.

Are you ready to learn the secret behind your marketing is missing the mark?

Are you ready to have your marketing dollars work for you and drive sales with little waste?

Understand why Memes are effective and winning the day?

And why independent YouTubers are thriving while you’re tormented with minimal traffic?

Here’s the reason why:

What businesses want to do and what consumers want to see has never been more at odds than it is now.

Long live marketing consumer-needs-and-wants

Consumers want to consume things. Which may or may not be your product. In fact, it might just be memes, to be honest.

This is why I don’t care about ROI at this point in the marketing cycle.

Let me explain before you start having a minor heart attack:

I care about ROE. Return on Engagement.

Sure, I establish KPIs and measure all my campaigns, just as ideally you do. Yes, we have apparent traction. Yes, there’s always a strategy. Yes, I’m reporting it all. Yes, we iterate, pivot, and use research to plan our trajectory.

Yes, there are keywords involved. Yes, I’m vetting all the headlines.

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

I am doing all the things a marketer does, but my focus isn’t on you as a business.

My focus is on your consumers.


Because they’re the ones that buy your product at the end of the day.

If you aren’t focused on them, who the heck are you trying to persuade to purchase your service or buy your product?

You, too, can reach these numbers. But it’s going to take work, effort, time, and cash.

Here’s the categorical answer as to why your marketing isn’t working:

The #1, and the only thing I’m concerned about is making consumers engaged, happy, educating them, challenging them, and just generally getting people talking.

If your #1 focus isn’t your consumer, then you’re going to fail at marketing even the most brilliant product ever conceived in the world, ever.

It’s just that simple.

Long live marketing super simple

That’s what I get paid to do.

I get paid to help people provide this kind of value to and for their consumers. And I’m incredibly picky about who I work with and for, for precisely that reason.

If a company can impress me, they can influence their consumers.

But sometimes they don’t know how to do that in a meaningful way.

Or, they quite frankly, don’t have the time to.

That’s why they come to Outsell Digital. 

Let’s get real here: you need a teacher, not consultants. You need overarching strategists, not just executors of stuff.

You need someone like me to swoop in there and help you get shit done.

long live marketing cheering you on

But at the end of the day, the process of auditing your stuff and getting it on the right path is exhausting, quite honestly expensive, time-consuming, and has a lot of moving parts.

So most people just fold us into what they’re doing.

Which I don’t mind.

We prefer to be folded into a cool-as-heck business and help them then stand around shouting at people atop my LinkedIn pedestal.

We are doer’s, who roles up their sleeves, not watchers.

The best way I can provide this value, right now, is with these gnarly, long, ranty, mem-laden articles, and that’s where we’re at right now.

So listen  up:

Consumers want relatable, funny, entertaining, educational content.

So give it to them!

Long Live marketing give consumers what they are asking for

Even if it’s hard, also if it costs money, even if it’s a strange new territory, give the people what they want!

If we take a stroll through Reddit’s marketing subreddits to see the unfiltered experiences of professionals in the marketing field, we’ll quickly learn just how unimportant mny companies feel content marketing actually is.

But they want it, hire for it, and fire for lackluster results.

When results from this type of marketing can take months even to ramp up.

So, yet again, they still don’t understand the ‘why’ and just know they need to do *something*.

Here’s the thing, the answer to many if not all of your marketing woes, the step-by-step guide on how to break through, the actual definition of growth hacking, and the reason people email me daily asking for my expertise:

  • Research what your consumers want to see. You can use Reddit analysis tactics if you want.
  • Make stuff your consumers want to see.
    • Stuff can be copywriting, articles, videos, gifs, memes, whatever.
  • Figure out where to put the stuff so they can see it more easily.
  • Measure how many people actually saw the stuff.
  • Figure out if any of the people who saw the stuff actually converted.
  • Take all that data and analyze the crap out of it.
  • Identify just which distribution outlet and which type of content resonates most with your consumers.
  • Make more of that stuff, and put it in the places they look.
  • Keep doing that, measure it, pivot when necessary.
  • Keep people engaged and increase conversions using the data from all of that.
  • It’s probably going to take several months, so please take your blood pressure medication and stop being so impatient.
  • Also please have a team of people doing this, because just FYI: it’s a lot of work, my friend.

Congratulations, you’ve officially graduated from the Content Marketing Academy of Outsell Digital.

But I’m still so lost…

If you’re still lost, give us a shout, and we can figure this out together.

Otherwise, read this rambling piece of marketing-snark when lost.

Together, we can market better.


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