8 Benefits of Partnering with a Content Marketing Agency

February 11, 2018 Carol Forden

Every business at one point or another has wondered whether it’s better to do your own digital or content marketing in-house or to partner with an agency, you’re not alone.

It’s a tough decision between in-house vs. outsourcing your marketing strategy and execution; there are many factors to consider.

Below are 8 core benefits of partnering with a content marketing agency (like us), to guide you with why outsourcing some of your marketing needs to an agency.

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1. Expertise In Every Aspect of The Marketing Funnel

Marketing agencies are staffed with marketing experts with varied skill sets.  Every person is specialized in a specific channel or a particular aspect of digital marketing.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency means that you are paying one fee for the skills, knowledge, and experience of several individuals, with each of them an expert in their field and with great depth of knowledge and hands-on experience.

The ability to keep the core marketing activities in-house while relying on specialists to do focused work that requires the latest tools, other skill-sets and experience are a few of the factors the 2017 Creative Industry Report found that:

Are you expecting your marketing team to be a jack-of-all-trades and never given the opportunity to develop depth of expertise in one area, but being rushed into taking surface efforts across all facets of marketing?  If so, partnering with an agency can aid your in-house employees to utilize and develop their core strengths.

2. Cost

In general, it is far more cost-effective to partner with a marketing agency in comparison to hiring a full in-house team. This is depending on the size of your business, and what your overall goals are.

According to the payscale.com salary checker, the average salary for a digital marketing job is $60,074. This is for one person with one specialization in digital marketing, now calculate the total cost to hire a full team of marketing specialists.

In addition to the salary, there are also other costs to consider when hiring someone in-house such as employee benefits, payroll taxes, equipment, training, recruitment, bonus and more.

Experienced digital marketer average salary usa

 3. Efficiency and Productivity

While many agencies work with many different businesses, Outsell Digital specializes in the automotive market and works exclusively with dealerships.

Our specialty is content marketing that extends to social media and supporting assets.  Through partners, we do offer SEO, SEM, SMM and PPC management.

As an agency with years of experience in marketing B2C and B2B products, we understand your needs and know how to assist you with filling the sales funnel with leads and more. We have the depth of experience and proven processes in place that makes it possible to produce high-quality work that meets your deadline and your budget.

Allowing you to focus on growing your business as the creative and operational side of the marketing funnel is taken care of.

4. Results & Responsibility

A good partner is driven by results.

We deploy a structured process so that we can ensure the highest quality of work; we work excessively to ensure that any data we gather, analyze and report on to you is accurate, insightful and helps draw the right conclusions to drive the right outcomes.

Running a campaign that is successful should be documented with metrics, including the ROI and recommendations on how to replicate the success on following campaigns.  A good agency will also detail why a campaign failed; they should look at the facts and analyze the results with recommendations on how to make the following campaigns better and successful.  Marketing is trial and error, then scale as you dial in the successes.

A good agency will recognize that your success is their success.

When Outsell Digital is working on a project with/for you we take complete accountability for each campaign or piece of work we execute for you.

Want to see how our work stands for itself for our clients? See how we increased service sales by $81,030 with a Rich SMS Campaign here

5. Expanded Network and Access to Advanced Tools & Knowledge

Like many agencies, Outsell Digital works with a variety of different tools and solutions, and we have an extensive network of partners, we bring to the table on your behalf.

Working with Outsell Digital gives you the opportunity to gain further partnerships that you may not otherwise have had the chance to work with.

We continually invest in new tools: software, SaaS platforms, and more as they need to be able to run successful marketing campaigns efficiently and effectively. By working with Outsell Digital, these investments are not something you need to budget for, as it will already be in-hand and available.

A good digital marketing agency is always investing in training for their staff members.  You want an agency that is on top of the latest trends at all times with the ability to deliver the highest work quality and the best results. This is yet another benefit of partnering with an agency, especially considering that according to The 2017 In-House Creative Industry Report:

6. Minimize the Impact of Staff Turnover

Employee turnover is a fact of life today and one that needs to be taken into consideration.  When working for the same company for years, it’s not surprising to see creativity stagnate. Often this leads to some staff turnover, leaving the balance of the in-house team left to pick-up pieces.  At this point skill sets may suffer, as the team left may not have the skill set in this particular market area (rarely will they be trained for the skills they are missing).

By working with an agency, you can outsource the marketing needs; your in-house staff may not have the skill set for, enabling you to maintain momentum on your marketing efforts, without skipping a beat.

7. Scale & Flexibility

Under the pressure of a strict deadline?  By partnering with an agency,  you can scale, add skills and experience to your team almost instantly; whereas according to a survey conducted by Glassdoor in 2017, the average hiring duration takes 23.8 days in the US.

23.8 days is the average time to hire in the USA

An agency can be a great competitive advantage.   When the help you need is specific and training your staff, purchasing new tools is not feasible or due to the urgency of the project, the time to invest in training and tools, waiting for your team to get up to speed, etc.

8. A Fresh Perspective

The people in an agency aren’t running your day-to-day business or dealing with your customers directly, and this is a benefit for your marketing strategy.

Agencies are professionals and give you an outsider point of view.

They bring fresh insights as well as experiences and knowledge. We bring best practices into your business with the goal to help you grow.  Afterall, your success if our success.

An agency can assist in setting clear, relevant marketing objectives and always aligning the marketing goals with your business goals.

So, if you’re looking to add skills, reliability, and scale, partnering with an agency may be a great way to grow your business and improve your marketing results or add new perspectives and ideas.

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