Pricing and Packages

Looking to find your audience
have a CRM full of leads and customers that is underutilized that you want to turn into a profit cranking machine?

Have a CRM full of leads and customers that is underutilized?
Let’s put it to work to drive new revenue.

E-newsletters are cost-effective for your clients to communicate with their entire customer and prospect base.

They’re the ideal lead-nurturing vehicle.

We know how to create revenue-generating, audience-focused email content that promotes your message to your specific audience and encourages action.

Email and e-Newsletter copy is an investment, and if you’re ready to nurture leads, warm up your audience and gain more customers, and if you want professional email copywriting that can accomplish these goals, then we’re a great fit for you.

Generate an avalanche of traffic from new and existing customers. Our newsletter programs are designed specifically for healthcare providers, auto dealers and repair shops.

Each program is fully managed–we do the work, and you get the results. Creating offers. Building campaigns. Writing articles. Managing lists and analyzing results.

It’s everything needed for a successful e-newsletter program.

We’re not the cheapest – our marketing copywriters have at least 5+ years of experience and training from some of the best conversion copywriters on the planet.

Did you know?

  • According to Experian, transactional emails gain 8x more clicks and reads than any other kind of email and can produce 6x more the amount of revenue.
  • Personalized email copy can improve click-through rates by an entire 14%, and conversions by another 10% (Aberdeen).

Those are some fantastic reasons to invest in great email content to your list and turn your CRM data into a profitable e-newsletter.

Boost campaign traffic by as much as 1000%; every click from the custom created and original e-newsletter goes right to your website: not a microsite or third-party site.

Our package includes uploading your database and sending and monitoring the e-Newsletter to your subscribers. We will manage the email list for you and work to grow the list to its maximum potential.

Turn Our CRM Data Into A Profit Cranking Center

A Content Marketing Program with Built-in Targeted Traffic

Many of our clients come to us struggling to reach a specific group of people — their actual customers.

The Outsell Digital Audience Program is a content marketing program with built-in targeted traffic

Our Audience Program drives guaranteed traffic from your target audience to your website, without waiting months for organic traffic once your content or videos are ranking.

The problem companies run into is that they want to invest in content marketing and SEO, but their niche is filled with significant competitors, and they can’t afford to invest in 1-2 years of content creation and promotion without seeing results.

We’ve built a program that will help companies like this produce content that reaches their target audience the day it launches, allowing them to invest in content marketing and SEO for the long term while seeing traffic and results in the short term.

We Guarantee Traffic From Our Content, Not Just Word Count.
We build paid social budget into all of our campaigns, ensuring that your target audience sees the content.  During our onboarding call, we’ll set a minimum traffic target that we guarantee for every piece of content.

Build My Traffic