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Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

We manage your social media presence, so you can manage your business. Our social media services encompass paid advertising, content creation (all SEO optimized), influencer marketing and monitoring. We work with you to understand your target audience, where they hang out online and what content they want to see.

A good social media strategy needs as much time, careful planning and thought as any other type of digital marketing.

Despite this we often see businesses investing as little time and resource into it as possible, so it comes as no surprise when results are poor and disappointing for the efforts to date.

If you think your social media can be improved or you simply don’t know where to start and are seeking advice, please get in touch with us; we would love to help.

The possibilities are endless…

Social Media Management

Social Strategy

Content Creation

Social Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Reporting & Analysis

Areas we can help with:

Social Strategy

We’ll develop a strategy that focuses on the most effective social media platforms for your business. We will identify channel specific objectives, focus on fostering customer engagement and ensure the content echoes your brand’s voice, values and tells your story.

Content Creation

Whatever the platform, whatever the medium, we can produce the content you need. We create shareable social content – video, infographics, images etc. – to increase your brand engagement and SEO.

Social Advertising

Paid social media ads can play a key part in reaching new prospects beyond your followers. This could be through promoted updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or sponsored content on visual-based platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube.

Influencer Marketing

We focus on and engage with key individuals who can bring targeted exposure to your brand to the right kind of consumers. We help our clients engage with audiences through building strong relationships with top influencers including bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers.

Reporting & Analysis

We work with data every day. Our regular social media reports will help plan the future campaigns, activity, and influence other marketing channels. Our custom reports provide you with the insight to come to know your audience better.

Your questions answered.

Do my business need to be on every social network?

In short, no. Although it can be tempting to jump on every social network, we always suggest being strategic with the networks you choose. We will know where your audience’s attention is and we will focus our efforts there. 2-3 platforms done really well and with plenty of engagement is better than 6 average profiles.

Can you track the ROI of social media?

There are several ways in which you can measure these results, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram shopping. We can help you set up the tools in which to track these results. However, it is important to keep in mind when using social media as an engagement and brand building channel that you may not generate direct sales (but you would indirectly). For instance, a company who chooses to provide customer support through social media instead of by the phone could save significantly, as support through social costs much less.

I’m in a “boring” industry, do I still need social media?

A resounding yes. Social media is not just reserved for the cool brands. We will use the platform to educate and entertain your audience, to give people a reason to follow you. See the article below about boring industries it is a great read if your business is considered in the “boring” industries.

Articles which may interest you:

9 Common Mistakes Car Dealerships Make with Social Media Management

When it comes to car shopping today, social media sites are a significant influencer in a car buyer’s decision making journey.

Today, marketers understand that social sites need to be integrated into the marketing strategy.

Brands that truly embrace social media brands have a fully integrated social marketing approach to generate leads and engage with customers.

With more and more consumers turning to social, the automotive industry needs to get fully engaged with social selling.

Social media is significant and is only going to continue to grow in influence.

In fact, 84% of all car shoppers are on Facebook with 24% of these consumers used Facebook as a resource for making their vehicle purchases.

What Is The Value Of Social Media Marketing In The Automotive Industry?

A good social media strategy requires as much careful planning, time and thought as any other type of marketing.

Despite this, we often see social media at the bottom of the marketing priority list for managers.

We often see business owners passing it off to an intern, sales member or low-level marketing person.

With 84% of car buyers using Facebook and 66% of car buyers who viewed a Facebook Ad and clicking on it, it is pretty shocking that social media isn’t paid more attention by auto dealerships.

Social media and social selling is a great way to market your products and services and boost dealership brand awareness.

Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with customers on a personal an human level.

3 Great Ways to Differentiate Your Auto Dealership Alternatives to Autotrader

After numerous conversations with car dealerships across the USA on Autotrader being their primary – or in some cases the exclusive – digital marketing strategy, we thought we should tackle this topic.

With over 80% of USA car dealers advertising on Autotrader, how do you have a chance to differentiate your dealership and showcase your online value proposition (OVP)?

It has become the industry standard and go-to place for auto dealerships to use automotive platforms such as Auto trader and Cars Direct to advertise and sell their stock of cars (and with Amazon reportedly looking to start selling cars online, watch this space for more news).

While these advertising platforms can be an easy way to advertise your lot inventory…