Social Media Posts

It’s not at all easy to craft great social media that stands out these days: you have to take into account your audience, your niche, and the platform you’re writing for in order to get your message across in the most powerful way.

We know what it takes to create winning social media copy, down to hashtags, emojis, and even creating custom imagery to go with every post!

Here’s what we offer in our custom social media post creation:

Choose copy only with variations (without images), in quantities of 5 or 10 (add quantity for more!), and you’ll get written social media posts without images tailored for three platforms, for a max final quantity. If you order a quantity of 5, at 3 variations you’ll get 15 posts total; a quantity of 10, you’ll get 30 posts total, with the variations. Choose this if you have a quantity of posts that you need written for three major social media platforms that you use. Remember: at this variation you won’t be able to select Instagram posts, since Instagram requires images.

Choose social media posts with variations and images, and you’ll get written variations of each posts for to cover your entire social presence: up to three platforms (fifteen posts total), with custom images for each post created by our team. We’ll use Canva and Adobe Photoshop to create images, sized for social sharing, and aligned with your brand and the social media posts we create.

*NOTE: “Variations” are just that: variations of an original post, tailored to each platform, not original concepts. Example: an order of 10 will net 10 original posts with 2 variations per platform, per post, for a total of 30 posts.

We do not post content to social platforms in single posts.

5 Post Without Images, 3 Social Media Platforms Varitions


5 Post With Images, 3 Social Media Platforms Varitions


10 Post Without Images, 3 Social Media Platforms Varitions


10 Post Without Images, 3 Social Media Platforms Varitions Plus Instagram