The Widening Digital Talent Gap In The Automotive Industry

March 4, 2018 Carol Forden

As technology advances, it has become more apparent that the digital talent gap is widening in the USA and globally.

According to Capgemini and LinkedIn, 70% of USA businesses acknowledge that the talent gap is widening.

Percentage of companies that acknowledge that their is a digital gap
Source: Capgemini

This affects the automotive industry, and what can be done to tackle this gap?

With the digital talent gap widening this leads to the fear of being left behind within digital marketing and not having the required manpower to meet the demand.

The Rise of Digital Technology and the Change In Customer Behavior

The rise of digital technologies has changed the customer’s buying experience dramatically over the past few years, and the rate of change is accelerating.

Take a look at why Multichannel marketing is a must today. Customer behavior statistics in the automotive industry show how the industry is changing as consumer move their car buying habits online.

Customers are more empowered today than ever in the car buying process.

They are more informed and have the power to visit your dealership armed with information and research they have done online.

Auto dealerships that are thriving are embracing the digital changes impacting the automotive industry and having the skill sets available to utilize new technology.  This is critical than ever, and this trend will continue for the near future.

The Widening Digital Talent Gap in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry, as with most other sectors hasn’t acknowledged or invested in training to avoid the impact of the digital talent gap.

48% of employees think that their skill set will be redundant in the next 4-5 years.

The need for rapid skill development is higher than ever, to adapt to the disruption driven by digital technology. This also reflects the fact that skills are becoming outdated at a far quicker rate.

The Digital Talent Gap Impacts Employee Retention and Turnover Rates

Employee retention and the turnover rate is adversely impacted when it comes to the digital talent gap.

Employee wants to feel that they execute their role well, that their skills are current and they are engaged in their jobs.  To do this, they must have the right skills to do their jobs.

Without up-to-date skills, an employee is likely to be dissatisfied and quickly can become bored with their job.

Dealerships need to be proactive and bridge the gap between the digital void that is expanding in required skill sets.  Adding training and embracing a proactive approach to digital technology adoption will ensure that your dealership isn’t left behind in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital age.

How Should A Dealership To Bridge The Gap?

Embracing on-going training and sustainable learning strategies are critical

Training is the most important solution to close the digital talent gap and to invest in on-going training for staff. Training is vital to ensure that your team is kept up-to-date on all of the latest trends in digital marketing for the automotive industry.

On-going digital training leaves enhance your dealership marketability and ensure that your dealership is not being left behind in the digital age.

A smart dealership recognizes that they should have the knowledge and tools, along with the capability of using these tools, to stay ahead of the game competitors.

On-going training is essential to keep the dealership up-to-date and for lowering employee retention and turnover. Engaged employees don’t leave companies, they are happy and growing.

Training prevents employees’ skills stagnating – which in turn will increase the retention of employees. Happy, successful employees are less likely to leave your dealership for other opportunities.

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Trying to find a good training program at a reasonable price can be an enormous task. Some digital agencies run workshops to help businesses learn more and gain more knowledge in digital. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Partner with a digital marketing agency

Partnering with a digital marketing agency can be advantageous to your car dealership to minimize the digital talent gap.

According to The 2017 In-House Creative Industry Report, 72% of creative leaders do not have the time to develop team members. Rather than not offer training to employees, consider outsourcing some (or all) of your training needs to an agency that specializes in auto dealership marketing.

Below are four benefits of partnering with a marketing agency.

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  1. Expertise  – A digital marketing agency is filled with marketing experts, with employees and partners specialized in specific channels. You get experts for a fixed price.
  2. Cost – For auto dealers looking to hire a full team of specialists, working with an agency can be far more cost-effective. You avoid paying expenses such as payroll taxes, benefits, equipment, training, recruitment and more.
  3. Access to advanced training and tools – Digital marketing agencies continuously invest in new tools to successfully run campaigns with their client’s. Agencies are investing in training their staff to ensure they deliver the highest quality work and results.  Agencies are on top of the latest trends at all times.
  4. Scalability and flexibility – Agencies give you the ability to scale and add skills and experience as you need to. When you need professional help but training your existing staff and buying new equipment, software or tools is not an option.

How to Close The Gap…

Interested in working with a marketing agency with experience working with auto dealerships, Outsell digital is happy to serve.  Please contact us