Build Trust & Captivate Your Audience

Video Marketing and Production

Build Trust and Captivate Your Audience

We transform your marketing messages into clear, concise and impactful videos to capture your audience’s attention.

Video is often viewed as a nice to have. Video is increasingly becoming the way audiences want to engage with brands and the way people prefer to consume content, the question is: can you afford not to?

If you know exactly what you want the video to portray, we will follow your brief and create something which will impress you. Equally, you may be seeking some guidance on the approach, content, and type of video, our team of experts are here to advise you.

The possibilities are endless...



YouTube Optimization

Short form video

Social media videos

Video Distribution

The benefits of Video include:


If you want to get your audience’s attention, a video is one of the most powerful ways to do it. People are far more willing to give you their attention with an engaging video. It increases the duration that a person spends on your web page


The combination of visuals and sounds evokes emotion, feelings and a better understanding of the product or service offering. Research shows that 64% of people say they are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Precieved Value

Your audience is already aware that producing a video is not easy and not cheap. People respond to this and are more willing to give you their time. It is reported that video drives 200-300% more unique monthly site visits.


Studies have shown that 65% of the population are visual learners, and another 30% are auditory learners. The best way to engage with the majority of the population is through video, which covers both these types of learners.

Your questions answered.

How do you measure the success of a video?

The last thing we would do is produce a video without first aligning on the measure of success. Depending on the video, the purpose and desired outcomes, the measures of success can include: number of views on YouTube, number of likes on Facebook, revenue generated (increased sales or test drive inquiries and sales).

There is a video, I like, can you make something similar?

We should be able to or something similar. We observe all copyright and trademark laws, so we may have to make a few modifications. We can produce any type of animated, image or within reason action video. A video brief is always a good thing. Show us a few examples of what you like that we can use this as a basis to work from.

Do you use templates?

Normally no, we build most of our videos from the ground up. Our videos are custom-made to meet customer requirements. We have the ability to use a template if this will suit your needs.

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Before a consumer takes a single step onto the floor of your showroom, car shopping consumers are forming opinions and making decisions by doing their research online.

It’s essential that your dealership be online with educational content and videos and be useful if you want your dealership to be one of the two visits they make when ready to buy.

4 Marketing Trends That Will Disrupt The Auto Market

When was the last time you drove from dealership lot to dealership lot in the search for the perfect car?

You probably haven’t, like most people you did your research online before you stepped foot into a dealership, and you entered the dealership with the car model and extras you wanted already selected.

According to an Autotrader study, 88% of prospective buyers use the Internet for their auto buying research. Consumers are typically searching out content on which car would suit their needs the best, the best deals and rebates available for their budget; they read online reviews to narrow down which dealership they go to buy their next car and when.

Consumers go online to research at every stage of the customer journey. These countless digital micro-moments rule the buying process.

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The digital age is changing the automotive buying behavior. Engaging with potential new customers and retaining relationships is evermore important. As a result, it is crucial to be present on all channel across the spectrum.

Having a presence on multiple channels creates an impression with your customers that you are connected to them as they see that your brand is reliable and accessible.