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Lexus Dealer

Take an Existing Defunt Blog and Develop and Implement A Content Marketing Strategy That Increased Website Traffic 9,000% Over 6 Months for a Lexus Dealship

While the dealership held a long-standing leading role in the community and had consistent website traffic that was primarily driven by television commercials and paid leads, they were concerned that their full story, expertise, and range of services were not being adequately reflected in search results or conveyed to their customers or their target audience.

In addition, they had always concentrated on building and maintaining a thought leadership role in the community, but felt their role was not as prominent as it could be with the addition of a content marketing strategy driven by fresh, engaging and educational content sent out on a regular schedule over multiple channels.

Outsell Digital Content Methodology and Strategy Development

We conducted a comprehensive and thorough website and content audit that identified areas where the current site content was not really telling the company’s story very well.

We also identified some mechanical issues with the site including a lack of sharing options, incomplete category taxonomy, and inconsistent formatting.

We developed detailed customer personas to identify the dealerships primary audience and narrow down what messages and educational opportunities would appeal most to them.

This was followed up with surveys of sales, customer service, service department and other employees of the dealership to refine topics for the blog articles. We then surveyed and a series of interview phone calls with loyal customers for their input and suggestions.

We then initiated an aggressive blogging schedule combined with steady distribution of content across the three social media platforms most suited to the dealership’s audience Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We added in native advertising to expand the reach of content and drive in qualified leads.

The schedule included blog posts twice per week, many of which focused on breaking down complex subject matter into simple and engaging articles. We also repurposed the blog articles into videos that could be posted to YouTube and shared in social media channels.


1.) 9,000% increase in page views: Just six months into the relationship with Outsell Digital, the Lexus Dealership experienced the number of unique pageviews generated by the blog articles increased to over 1400 per day on average, as opposed to 15 per day previously, showing the dramatic increase in traffic the content marketing campaign was generating.

2.) Visitors stay nearly five times as long: During that same six month period, average time on page jumped from 0:23 to 1:50, showing that visitors were actually engaging with the content, a sure sign of its quality.

3.) Bounce rate plummets: Prior to implementing the content strategy, 88% of visitors were leaving the site after visiting just one page, after six months the bounce rate the bounce rate dropped to less than 40% for the blog, demonstrating that visitors are interested in the content and learning more.

Honda Dealer

2018 Honda Civic Introduction

A client asked us to create a blog article that featured the redesigned 2018 Honda Civic and a video to promote the video in social media channels. Read the blog article here

The blog and video were promoted (boosted) on Facebook and Instagram, for under $500 an delivered over 250,000 impressions were delivered to their local market area with an increase of 40% in test drives.


Ford Dealer

Start An Auto Dealership Blog To Generate Local Market Engagement And Drive Traffic With Educational Articles

A client asked us to create a blog article series on preventive maintenance, summer travel, fuel economy and new vehicle introduction reviews to drive customer engagement and build deeper relationships with their clients.  We also added a video series based on the blog articles that are posted on social media and YouTube. This spreads the reach of the content and gives them additional exposure and SEO benefits. Read a sample of the blog article here

The blog article and two videos are being promoted (boosted) on Facebook and Instagram, with an $800 budget.  To date, they have delivered over 350,000 impressions and increased organic blog traffic by 5,500 local market readers in less than 3 months.

Acura Dealer

Task: Increase Registered Leads and Showroom Visits

Strategy: Outsell Digital Marketing partnered with a single rooftop Acura dealer to drive leads and influence showroom visits from competing luxury auto retailers in their PMA.

We developed custom content that was then promoted on high profile websites, (Time, CNN, Fortune, Motor Trend and similar)

Results:We ran custom created content that accounted for 87% of the total registered showroom visits.

91 Registered showroom visits
2700 website visits

Toyota Dealer

Task: Increase Showroom Visits to Test Drive and Brand Awareness

Strategy: A local single rooftop Toyota Dealer wanted to build awareness around three of its flagship models, drive traffic to its website, and encourage visits to both the test drive booking page and the brochure download page.

Outsell Digital Marketing applied an innovative approach to content marketing by combining amplification of positive third-party press coverage with display advertising and retargeting.

Outsell Digital Marketing decision to amplify third-party positive car reviews on US publisher sites, led to a 48% better conversion rate against visits to test drive showroom bookings and brochure downloads pages, compared to standard banner retargeting.

Results: 48% improved conversion rate against visits to test drive showroom bookings

Nissan Dealer

Task: Ensure A New Nissan Auto Dealership in a Large Dealer Auto Group Received Maximum Media Exposure To Drive Leads

Strategy: To ensure that the new Nissan Auto Dealership in a 46 dealer Auto Group received maximum media exposure, Outsell Digital Marketing recommended combining positive earned media amplification (from custom created content and general press) with a retargeting program.

1.Branding: Get the new dealership discovered by a wide targeted local audience.
2.Conversion: Drive engaged users to Nissan Dealers website to book test drives.

Solution: Outsell Digital Marketing’s technology allowed the Nissan dealership to easily create and qualify an engaged audience, thanks to algorithms based on contextuality, popularity, temporality, behavior, pricing, geography, and device type.

Then, to optimize conversion and retargeting, the audience that was exposed to the positive reviews were retargeted to visit the Nissan dealers website to book a test drive. This was implemented through the integration of a tracking pixel.

Results: Outsell Digital Marketing helped the Nissan dealership boost their launch visibility with over 4,000 website visits to the positive reviews and3 million impressions on our proprietary network. The Nissan dealership dropped its CPC down by 28% as the campaign optimized.

Over 4,000 website visits
Over 3 million impressions
-44% lower bounce rate
-20% acquisition cost

Honda Dealer

Task: Increase Website Traffic And Bring Lapsed Auto Buyers In For Service and Maintenance

A local Honda Dealer came to Outsell Digital Marketing wanting to significantly increase website traffic and bring lapsed auto buyers in for service and maintenance. This entailed increasing the scheduling of service visits and driving web traffic and new email leads.

Solution: Outsell Digital Marketing’s technology allowed the Honda dealership to easily create and qualify an engaged audience, using custom technology based direct to the consumer outreach. Using this technology, and algorithms based on contextuality, popularity, temporality, behavior, pricing, geography, and device type.

Outsell Digital Marketing then optimized conversion and retargeting, the audience that was exposed to the multiple touch points and reminders and then were retargeted to visit the Honda dealers website to schedule a service appointment. This was implemented through the integration of a tracking pixel.

Results: Service sales increased by $81,030 from 438 customers who had not used the service department of the dealership in two or more years. Average ticket was $185.00. Email Database increased with over 200 new prospects

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